Monthly Archives: January 2017

The shape of things to come. 

So, it happened–the unthinkable. Trump is president. Trump. Is. President. Let that sink in. Take all the time you need. Done? Good, cause we’ve got work to do. 

If you peruse the current Whitehouse website, you’ll notice that climate change, human rights causes such as civil rights and LGBTQIA issues are conspicuously absent. But not to worry, Melania Trump has jewelry on offer from QVC – so there’s that. 

Oh, but one of the pressing issues for the newly minted orange overlord is to defend the honor of our men and women in blue. Yes, standing up for law enforcement is an issue. Because killing all those innocent black folks can really wear you down sometimes. 

And, his first act as overlord, he’s suspended the FHA premium cut that Obama set up to assist lower income families in affording a home. The man hasn’t been president for more than a day and he is already fucking you. You voted for it, Amerikkka. Bend over and enjoy it. 

Our country is now in the hands of a thin-skinned, megalomaniacal, authoritarian despot–who has access to the nuclear codes! 

Mourn if you must, but then pick yourself up and get busy fighting in anyway you can. Donate to Planned Parenthood, the NAACP’S legal defense fund, the National Resources Defense Fund. March and protest. Whatever you must do.

We have a long four years ahead of us, friends.