Monthly Archives: January 2015

New Year, New Ronin.

Hello everyone,

First, HAPPY 2015!! Any resolutions? I have a few and I’ll be listing them here for your reading pleasure. 2014 was a learning experience. Last year was a year of growth and revelations. I have a stronger outlook on my craft and a more optimistic outlook on life in general. I’m happy many of you have stuck with me, even during my admittedly long dry spells.

With all that in mind, I honestly believe I’ll stick to my resolutions this year. It’s been said it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit or break an old one (it’s also been said that such a belief is utter bullshit), so here’s to starting some good habits and breaking old ones.

Here’s the resolution list. It’s pretty short compared to past lists.

1. Everyone’s favorite, lose weight. I’ve packed on quite a healthy paunch as it were and so the time has come for me to reclaim my sexy. Yes, I’m bringing sexy back. OK, in all honesty, I couldn’t give twelve monkey fucks (see what I did there?) about being sexy. I just want the health benefits. In 2014, I was sick with the cold . . . a LOT. Now, I doubt my weight had anything to do with my lowered immune system (apparently, it does), but I mainly want to lose weight for the added benefit of energy. So, I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes.

2. Write more often. I wrote a lot in 2014, but obviously not nearly as much as I should’ve, or else I would’ve had more blog entries. So, in 2015, I’m doing something drastic! I’m giving myself deadlines. Seriously though, you’d be surprised what a kick in the ass a deadline can be–in a good way, mind you. It is the impetus to get up and write everyday, or as much as you realistically can. So, this year, I’m writing ten short stories. These will be stories I will try to get published, so I won’t be posting them here (sorry). Perhaps if they’re published, I’ll post links to where they can be read. I’ll keep you posted.

3. Take more risks. Life is not exciting without risks. By nature, I’m an introvert. This doesn’t mean I have social anxiety, it just means I, unlike my extrovert counterparts, get energy for social functions from myself, whereas extroverts get their energy from people around them. So, lately I’ve been at home–gathering energy. Well, I think I have enough to burst the goddamn Hoover Dam, so I need to get out more. And like the last two, I’ll keep you all posted.

That’s it. Seriously, three resolutions. And you know something? You don’t need to make resolutions each year. You can make small, manageable ones every day. Most people don’t stick to their resolutions because they feel their lofty goals are too big. But small victories add up over time.

Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll see you later. Much sooner than later, though.