Monthly Archives: July 2013

Let me Drink
The fires
That are burning you down.

You go live

Go Laugh
Go Love,
Let me

Give me
This hell that has trapped you.

Let me Pray
Through broken teeth
That these tears
Will finally sooth my wounds.

Let go.

I need you

To fall into Love’s arms.

Miss this storm
And go wonder
Why everyone
Is so jealous
Of your good fortune.

Never remember
These tears

Never look back

At me dying
The floor

Never look back

At me crawling
The Abyss.

© Abrahim Appel 2013


The Moment of Fear (Abe)

And then I was alone

Gone was shelter,

Gone was home,

Gone was everything I had ever known.

Love was a peaceful silence,

Love was brutal violence.

Love’s ending

But it never completely stopped ringing

in my ears.

And I never completely stopped feeling

I should have known…

That was our best day

That was our last day.

Before the pieces started breaking

And I couldn’t catch it from falling

And the glass has been glistening

on the floor ever since.

And now I’m always worried that someone will see it

And that I’ll watch you bleed if you don’t.

And I never completely stopped crying

And I never completely stopped wishing

And I never completely stopped hurting

Love is only a salvation

After you crawl through Jerusalem.

God only saves you,

After you die.

After you’re cut open

and crawling

Towards destiny.

© Abrahim Appel 2013

We’re back, bitches!

OK, you’re not bitches. We’re sorry. But we’re back after such a long time. Personal turmoil, debts, burying those hookers (wait, I shouldn’t have told you that) have kept us preoccupied. But we are back and we’re ready to get funky like the crazy picture to the left. Expect some short stories posted here in the coming weeks.